Points to Ponder 

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Broad spectrum of competitive exams

V-JEE course and curriculum includes the full syllabus of JEE-Main, JEE-Advanced, BITSAT, VITEE, KVPY (PCM only), Olympiads (PCM only) and Boards (PCM only).

Complete coverage of syllabus + REVISION

Each step towards the classroom sessions is very well planned and to maintain transparency a “Planner” of the whole session will be provided to the students.

Performance booster WORKSHOPS

At regular intervals, we train our students to improve their analytical and reasoning skills by introducing tips, short tricks and time-saving techniques in our workshops.

Smaller batch size

Apart from teaching, we take care of our students by maintaining the strength of our batches smaller. We tend to make a batch of 30-50 students. Yes, we stick to it.

Experienced, yet enthusiastic FACULTIES

The teaching faculties for Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics at V-JEE Institute are well experienced in the field of providing academic assistance and guidance to the students for JEE (Main & Advanced) and NEET & AIIMS.

Study material + Assignments + Tests

The study material, that we provide our students, is prepared by our experts. We also provide chapter-wise assignments for further improvement above basic concepts. The tests are conducted on regular basis to check our students’ ongoing performance.

Daily-basis doubt clearing sessions

We provide our students CPP (Classroom Practice Problems) and HPP (Home Practice Problems) in each classroom session. The doubts arising from the given CPP and HPP are solved before the next classroom session. Please visit our centre for further clarification about our strategy.

Counseling session

Yes, we take care of our students. Our counselor guides our students to maintain the work-load, yet living a happy life. Students may also contact our counselor whenever they feel any need to.

Scholarships (through test)

There are many scholarships available on merit-basis in “V-JEE Scholarship TEST”. Please book a scholarship test on demand by filling a scholarship test application at our centre. For means- based scholarships, contact office.

Motivational rewards

At V-JEE Institute, we maintain a decorum in which students remain motivated towards their goal. Time-to- time, we offer students rewards for their performance in test conducted at our institutes.